1.  Though India is developing economically and technologically by leaps and bounds, women here still continue to be discriminated.  Jawaharlal Nehru said “You can tell the condition of the nation by looking at the status of women.”  According to Mahatma Gandhi, “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate an entire family.” 

Women too should be allowed to study and work and should be made aware of their role in the support and safety of their family.  A large section of women in India, both in rural and urban slums need to be educated and empowered.

As the first step, Indian Development Foundation launched its first women empowerment program at Hyderabad in collaboration with Centre for Social Service.  A group of women were presented with tailoring machine and embroidery machine.  Now the project has taken good shape and the trained women able to make products which can help in getting money for their livelihood.

IDF in its next step is going ahead in educating the women in urban slums, particularly parents of the children studying in IDF Bal Gurukuls.  The program is designed to suit the home-makers as it will help them to get acclimatized with their wards education.



·         Women Education - Reading and writing in mother tongue.

·         Making them understand on the importance of education and wards performance.

·         Soft skills/ mannerism/ nursing/ parenting/ basic etiquettes

·         Work from home - To prepare food, chappatis, pickles, dry masala powder, stitching, embroidery, Incense (agarbatties), candle making etc.

·         Health awareness and cleanliness drive for a hygienic living.


·         English speaking course

·         Financial literacy (bank related and savings)

·         Social awareness

·         Computer skills

IDF plans to take the women empowerment course to various cities and villages in India.  


List of IDF Women Empowerment Programmes - Project S3 in India

1.  IDF CSS NAM Women Centre, Hayat Nagar, Hyderabad.
2.  Nalgonda Youth Positive Society, Nalgonda
3.  Ashirwad IDF KuttuShikshanaKendram, Nalgonda
4.  St.ThomasMarthoma Women Centre, Pathanwadi, Mumbai
5.  RajaramSheth Women Centre, Bhandup, Mumbai
6.  PrarambhSarvaSakhiSwabhiman, BattaBasti, Jaipur
7.  Sarthak Women Empowerment Centre, Ramgarh, Jaipur
8.  Indira Gandhi Women Empowerment Centre, Ethumakkandi, Nilgiris
9.  Ethaiman Women Empowerment Centre, Denalai, Nilgiris
10. Computer Training Centre, Somanahalli

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