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IDF Crosses 30, Continues Goodness Journey With All !

IDF has crossed 30 with exemplary track record of humanitarian services across India touching the lives of countless number of fellow Indians. IDF rededicates itself to public service in the years to come !

Public support has been the main factor for IDF’s continuance and progress.

IDF is self-reliant, never taken any govt grant and relies on the general public for support. It has a small complement of staff, many Ambassadors and countless number of volunteers across India and the world. IDF shares its resources with other net-working NGOs and recognises the supporters with honours.

Our main thrust on health care is TB as the disease burden on India is too high. Education for the poor children and empowerment of poor women across the country form other focus areas.

IDF has over 100 medical projects and hospitals giving free treatment for TB-lepropsy. 130 Bal Gurukuls and 10 women’s empowerment add up to this service.

IDF has on its Board, eminent scholars and notable visionaries and we arrange lectures on various topics to students with futuristic view. Teacher training programmes are also arranged. By this way, IDF gives back to society the accumulated wisdom and experience to deserving groups.

Let’s have more Bal Gurukuls across the country and women’s empowerment units, NGOs and public spirited persons are welcome to contact us.

Ours may be a drop in the ocean, but we continue to do what we can !
India can progress well with collective action.

Have a pleasant day please !

Dr ARK Pillai


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